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Microincubator / co-working space + Code & Coffee

More explosive growth for the Troy Tech community! 

The Collar Collective introduces plans for co-working space to server Troy’s Tech Community


Form Collar Collective’s website:

The Collar Collective offers everything you miss about having coworkers — water cooler chat, impromptu lunches, idea sharing, informal networking — all without the cubes and corporate culture. When you’re here ideas and talents collide daily. 

Why Troy?

If you’re not currently involved with the startup scene in Troy you’ll be happy to know its quite vibrant. Between the abundance of talent at RPI, the growing number of downtown professionals, and the number of software development companies in the area the opportunities are endless. Also, there’s a lot of great spaces and rent is quite reasonabe!

Is it for me?

This space is focused on attracting people involved in creating things online. It’s a place for you to work your day job, but also a place for you to meet like minded individuals to develop new online properties. You’ll have access to fellow entrepreneurs, designers, developers, writers, artists and other professionals who can help you jump start your idea and “ship it!”

How do I join?

It’s easy! We’re currently under construction and recruiting new members. Contact us and let us know you’re interested!



+ An Inaugural Capital District Code & Coffee – Monday, November 21st – Troy, NY – Daily Grind 7-9 AM #Ruby #Rails #Java #.NET you name it!

* This isn’t a Ruby-only code & coffee so get the word out to other
interested nerds! Any given day I personally might be working on Ruby,
Rails, CoffeeScript, Java, Scala … you name it.

Potential future session locations:

– Uncommon Grounds, Saratoga Springs, NY
– Daily Grind, Troy, NY
– Professor Java, Albany, NY

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