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Greane Tree Database Development Internship Opportunity

Greane Tree is in search of a Database Development Intern for Spring 2011


The intern will gain experience building a software system, with the
following expectations:

1. Using MySQL or MS SQL Server Relational Database Management System
as a persistence store
1.(a) Design a schema designed for OLTP given a particular domain model
1.(b) Create SQL scripts to maintain said schema
2. Use an Object Oriented Programming Language to perform CRUD
2.(a) Development of a software tool to ETL data from disparate sources
2.(b) Perform analytics on gathered data and provide reporting mechanism

A qualified candidate must have:

Excellent writing and communication skills
Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, within a deadline
Solid understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Design concepts
and/or experience
Solid understanding of Relation Database concepts and/or experience

It is desirable, but not required, for the candidate to have
experience with:

Java SDK / Eclipse IDE, or .NET Framework / Visual Studio 2008 IDE
MySQL command line client or MS SQL Server Management Studio


Greane Tree Technology Group is an innovative locally owned and operated technology firm specializing in custom web and desktop application development with broad credentials in software and web development, as well as electronic art. Our custom software services include Web & Desktop Software Application Development, Software Project Management, Software Documentation, and Software Quality Assurance for multiple computing platforms. As a fast growing competitor in the local software development and new media technologies market, our method of delivering value driven services and innovative development strategies offer a fresh approach to technology driven projects.

More info on Greane Tree Technology Group LLC: www .greanetree.com

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to: alanesey AT greanetree DOT com.

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