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Greane Tree and GenNEXT Event Inspires Young Minds!

Our Guest Blogger today is Lindsay Tucker, Marketing Intern at Greane Tree Technology Group. Lindsay is a graduate student at The Sage Colleges studying Organization Management.

Greane Tree Intern and COO

I attended GenNEXT‘s Eternal Sunshine of Entrepreneurial Minds event hosted at RPI’s Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship on Wednesday November 17, 2010. Greane Tree’s Chief Operating Officer, Annmarie Lanesey, organized the event as part of Greane Tree’s mission of growing resources and technical expertise here in Tech Valley. Annmarie moderated the discussion of a panel of four young entrepreneurs who spoke to an audience of students, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The guest entrepreneurs included Sinclair Schuller of Apprenda Inc., Mark Lyons of MICROrganic Technologies Inc., Nicole Messier of Portfolio PR Group, and Todd Drowlette of Ikon Realty Group Inc. The panel shared their experiences, set backs and success stories supported by advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sinclair Schuller stressed how important it is to not be afraid of failure. “In ancient times, if you failed, that meant you failed to get food and you died. Today if you fail, what’s the worst that can happen? You go back home and sleep on mom and dad’s couch? Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks.”

The panel was questioned about stereotypes which may be held against individuals regarding age, sex, education, etc. Todd Drowlette emphasized how important it is to be yourself completely and showcase your capabilities. He stressed to “Just Be You.” Other panelists talked about their experiences of being misjudged or underestimated and how they proved their adversaries wrong despite the stereotypes held against them.

The program promised to “guarantee to provide you with the motivation to make you want to strive for more and succeed farther in the business community.” I must admit, it did just that. I cannot remember the last time I have been to an event where my attention was so captivated by the speakers to such a degree as this panel discussion. I was very inspired by the panel of entrepreneurs as they are passionately driven people who saw an opportunity and went after it head on. I myself, had not put much thought into becoming an entrepreneur but working with Greane Tree and hearing the insight and advice from the panel truly made me realize that young people today are filled with innovative ideas that can significantly impact society and the world. Creating something from scratch may be difficult, but it is not impossible.

-Lindsay Tucker

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