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Technology News in the Valley

In case you haven’t heard – Albany, the Capital Region, Tech Valley (or whatever else you want to call this place) worldwide technology news is being made here!

Excerpted from Spirit Magazine (a publication of Southwest Airlines):

Manhattan may have its skyline, but when it comes to creating the science that’s changing the way the rest of the world works, plays, runs and thinks, the Big Apple could learn a thing or two from Albany.

The region’s commitment to nurturing cutting-edge R+D projects through its academic institutions, commercialization efforts and aggressive state funding have made the area the place to come to achieve rapid growth in record time.

Located in the heart of New York’s Tech Valley—a 19-county area that spans from the Montreal border to just north of NYC—Albany and the Capital Region may be known nationally for their role in commerce, finance and the arts, but it’s their advancements in technology that are making an international impact.

When globalization of the world economy battered the local manufacturing base, Albany’s leaders in business, government and academia invested in several key tech industries to revitalize the region’s growth. A decade later, more than a thousand technology companies now call the area home, collectively making a $5 billion economic impact each year. Thanks to the area’s highly educated work force, vast assortment of academic supported business accelerators and incubators, and a superior quality of life, Albany has positioned itself as a leader in global technology. “There’s an entrepreneurial culture here that’s survived since the days of the Industrial Revolution,” says F. Michael Tucker, president and CEO of the Albany-based Center for Economic Growth. “Being the state capital, we have a built-in level of sophistication and support that’s highly adaptable to meet the needs of both existing companies and others looking to relocate that’s second-to-none.” It’s why iconic companies like IBM and General Electric choose to do most of their research and manufacturing here, and why major businesses and professionals from around the world relocate to the region to take advantage of infinite career possibilities. Right now, Albany and the Capital Region are recognized as leaders in nanotechnology education, research and development. It’s that standing that prompted International SEMATECH (the global consortium of leading nanoelectronics manufacturers that make half of the world’s computer chips) to move its main headquarters to the region.

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Excerpted from the Center for Economic Growth:

Albany was chosen as one of only four regions world-wide (the only US location) to be part of a benchmarking study for the Japan Machinery Federation, an association aiming to learn lessons from our successes in regional industrial, academic and government collaborations. Japanese company Mitsubishi Research & Consulting interviewed the Center for Economic Growth’s Brian Hannafin to learn key factors for success and strategies that were implemented in the region to foster and sustain business and research partnerships. In addition, Brian Hannafin appeared as a guest on last months Fox Focus on GlobalFoundries.

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